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The Almond tree is gradually colonizing the Lands of the Sierra Norte de Cádiz, specifically from the Los Remedios de Olvera cooperative, the implementation of 50 hectares, being the Lauranne-Avijor and Constantí varieties the chosen ones, for different reasons, among which stands out:

  • High Productivity
  • Low Oversight
  • Late flowering
  • Resistance to diseases and pests
  • Adapted to dry land.

Currently the Almond trees found in the Sierra Norte de Cádiz region, are in the fruit filling phase.

The weather conditions of 2021 are affecting plantations with different degrees of importance, mainly due to the rainy winter we have had. We have been able to verify how the almond tree, either in frank foot or hybrid foot GF-677, does not support conditions of ponding, either on the surface or in deep layers of the soil. The most direct influence we have encountered is the plant death, due to these conditions motivated by the incidence of fungi present in the soil type Brotriosfaeria, Neofusicocum y Phytophthora, in those areas of the soil with the presence of higher clay content or presents a water table that is in the zone of influence of the roots.

Foto 1.- Brotación del Patrón GF-677, como reacción al encharcamiento
Photo 2.- Necrosis of the vascular bundles in Lauranne-Avijor

For this reason, the Technical Services of the cooperative tries to evaluate the soil conditions for the implantation of almond cultivation., evaluating its possible impact on it. Regarding flowering, because the implanted varieties are Late Flowering, we have been able to rid the late frosts of this year, getting a more than acceptable curd.

Photo 3.- Plantation 4 years of Lauranne-Avijor / GF-677 in Sierra Líjar

Regarding the sanitary state, the incidence is due to Aphid (Myzus Persicae) in sheets, being very important the observation of the first colonies for their control, since by its arrangement in the sheets (underside), when sucking the sap they roll up the leaves protecting them from phytosanitary treatments.

Photo 4.- Lauranne-Avijor 4 years. Fruit set
Photo 5.- Leaf Aphid (Myzus Persicae)

For more information, you can contact the Technical Services of the cooperative at 956130083/646356453. You can also send us your query by email:

Francisco Macho Dominguez, Agronomist Specialist in Nuts of Picasat SCA Remedies.



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  • They organize guided tastings by technicians from the Cooperative and by technicians from the Olvera Denomination of Origin. They take place in our facilities of the Cooperative. They are aimed at schools, to consumer groups, hospitality schools, etc.
  • They organize you guided tours to the oil mill, checking the entire oil production process from the entry of the olive.
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