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Effects and symptoms of “Green Mosquito” in Almond and Pistachio crops

One of the pests with the highest incidence in the vegetative development of young plantations in both Almond and Pistachio crops, is Empoasca spp or commonly known as Green Mosquito. Due to the presence during these days of June of the presence in the plantations that we visit, we believe it is appropriate to give some basic notions about it, since its incidence on the plant is remarkable, causing the stop of their growth, as well as the falling leaves, leading to changes in plant biology.

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Los Remedios oil is a different extra virgin, with its own identity. It comes from the mountain olive grove of the northern sierra of Cadiz, where our olive growers preserve the most traditional form of cultivation.

The privileged natural environment, next to the mountains of Ronda and Grazalema, and the work of centuries of olive culture translate into a "liquid gold" of the highest quality, with very high levels of phenolic compounds, those that determine the healthy properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Many of our farmers keep the same harvesting methods from decades ago.


Extra virgin olive oil, the real. Our region has one of the highest rates of centenary olive trees.

Guided visits


Since the cooperative we offer guided tours to our almazara, olive groves and led tastings.

If you are a group of friends please contact us options and we organize a visit to measure.

  • They organize samples of oil to initiation and advanced level. They are aimed at schools, institutes, university degrees consumer groups, hospitality schools, catering staff, almazara staff, farmers,
  • They organize you guided tours to the oil mill, to know the process of olive oil from olive input, its grinding, centrifugation care and packaging to distribution to the end consumer.
  • They are also organized visits to the field, to learn how the olive harvest is carried out and other crops.
  • They are taught training courses and talks on the cooperative activities.

rDue to the current health situation, this activity will not be carried out indefinitely


Do you want to sell an oil of the highest quality?

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    How many liters (approximately) think you will need a month?

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    Finally, complete with the company data and we will send you a personalized budget.

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